Sunday, April 6, 2008

HBCU Pros and Cons

Because I am an Optimist I will Begin with the Positives o Attending an Historically Black College or University!

1. Your Black - Everyone here is like you for the most part, its great to see how black people live from all parts of America and the world. I grew up in the "hood" in VA but Smizzle grew up in the "burbs" in TX and we get along somehow :)
2. Opportunity- Most times your people are gonna look out 4 you. You need an internship well my momma owns a ... you kno and you got the hook up like that. Everybody knows somebody and especially in Atlanta they know people that can REALLY get you there.
3. I LOVE white people but...- I've gone to school and lived with white people my whole life. College is that time to get new perspective on things. I'm not tryna say stop getting relaxers and wear dashikis but embrace your heritage and it's time to learn about what OUR people really did and how without us there would be NO America

Cons :( :
1.Your Black - Your diploma will say Blank and Blank State University or Blankety A&M and every employer will know you went to an HBCU. It may lose you a lot of jobs which shouldn't happen in a perfect world but who knows it may even get you a few. And people will ask you where it is and my favorite "is that a 4 yr degree program?" Hell Yes...What do I look like getting an associates degree!?!?!
2. Unreliable - Some say its a stereotype that black people are unreliable and Im finding that it is true. The administrations generally SUCK and the main interest is usually MONEY $$$. There are lots of people that do care for you, you just hafta find them. They are probably not your sucky advisor who you can never find or the lady at the desk in student accounts!
3. Activities - Basically its TOO much going on. People get caught up in playing 3.5 sports, tryna pledge and still be an RA. Now you know! The clubs flyers kill me!!! I dont wanna get any flyer with a girl showing her ass holding a stack of money and you try to tell me "ladies free b4 11pm" you can keep that. I did enjoy homecoming though until it was like 2am and people i mean people who don't even go to my damn school were posted outside of my dorm.

I love my school and I think I am going to get a great education here but I we as a people could just get over the need to run on 15-20 min late CP time (yall kno), and ride around in chevys around the block 25 times, instead we should go watch Discovery Health and learn a lil something so next time we venture off campus and run into some white folk we can have some shit to say!

With 34 days of HBCU love,
Ned :)

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